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Day or night, sunny or grey,
enjoy a chocolicious treat.

In a realm where dreams and cocoa entwine, a close-knit friends, bound by their profound love for chocolate, set out on a delectable journey that would shape the very essence of their passion. Their vision? To establish a sanctuary for chocolate enthusiasts – a haven where individuals could converge, discover, and relish in the enchantment of their cherished treat.

As their expedition unfolded, the friends uncovered the captivating artistry of single-origin chocolates, each cocoa source telling a tale intricately woven into its distinctive flavour. What sets the chocolate apart is not only the stories it carries but the commitment to excellence.


Determined to share this delicious revelation with their community, the friends transformed their collective passion for chocolate into a full-blown mission. And thus, Kakao Origin emerged—a culmination of dreams and devotion. At Kakao Origin we  take pride in using a higher percentage of cocoa, elevating our drinks to new heights of exquisite depth and intense richness in every sip. Beyond the indulgence, this choice unlocks the myriad health benefits inherent in cocoa, turning each moment of enjoyment into a wholesome experience.

Our chocolates not only tell the story of single-origin cocoa but also celebrate local ties, incorporating the richness of Malaysia's vibrant culture into every bite. Crafted with artisanal precision and a commitment to sustainability, each piece reflects not just a treat but a conscious choice to support local cocoa farmers.

Our story is more than a narrative—it's an invitation to be part of a community brought together by the love for exquisite chocolate. Indulge, savour, and support local as we continue to craft moments of joy, passion, and connection, one delicious creation at a time. Welcome to a world where dreams and cocoa converge—welcome to Kakao Origin!


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