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Where Crafted Chocolate Perfection Meets Sustainability.


At Kakao Origin, we've put together a chocolate drinks menu just for you, filled with the best Malaysian single-origin chocolates boasting unique flavours. It's all about finding your perfect chocolate drink that matches your mood and taste preferences. Plus, we're serious about being kind to our planet, so our commitment to sustainability shines through in every sip.

Our mission is simple: bring you the finest chocolate drinks while making sure we take care of the environment we all love. We want your chocolate experience to be personal and special, taking you on a journey through flavours and delightful moments.


single-origin chocolates?

Single origin chocolates are like a delicious adventure for your taste buds. The secret behind their unique flavours lies in the climate, soil, and the methods used in growing and harvesting cocoa. These factors create distinct flavour profiles for each origin chocolate. Some places produce beans with exceptional tastes, earning them the title of "fine flavour."

At Kakao Origin, we embarked on a quest, searching for locally sourced beans with extraordinary tales and exceptional flavour potential. The result? A wide array of % single-origin chocolate drinks that will take your taste buds on a journey, one delightful flavour at a time.


Our chocolate %

As we work with the best chocolate producers of locally-sourced farms, our chocolates' availability may change based on seasons, production capability  and availability of kakao from each small-lot farms sourced. Each chocolate percentage and origin offers its own unique taste and flavour notes to elevate your chocolate experience. 


Edelweisse White Chocolate

Taste notes:

Balanced, pleasant whole milk flavour with cream, caramel, vanilla and accacia honey notes.


Kota Marudu, Sabah

Taste notes:

Floral, sea hawthorn berry and robust red fruits.


Triang, Pahang

Taste notes:

Malt, shiitake and toasted chestnut.


Milk Chocolate 

Taste Notes:

Creamy, honey caramel and toasted clove.


Semai, Pahang

Taste notes:

Luscious balance of tropical fruits, cashews and red tea. 


Chemor, Perak

Taste notes:

Tropical fruits, toffee and woody finish.

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